JUMP INTO THE MAP with us as we explore the world on an affordable budget. We especially love sharing how inexpensive and inclusive travel can be, as long as you have a valid passport! Travelling allows for discovery, not only of a new location but of one’s self – as you grow in confidence, experience new cultures and meet fresh faces.

We are Jason and Sekai a travelling couple based in London, United Kingdom. JUMP INTO THE MAP was established in January of 2020 on Instagram, where we have grown a supportive and interactive community (check us out @jumpintothemap). Since then we have fallen in love with travel even more and decided to share our passion and knowledge with others through this blog. While scrolling through this blog you will find travel tips, travel resources, social media tips, humorous travel stories, interesting and unique destinations + more!

We will always provide accurate and factual information to make all things travel related understandable and ultimately, we endeavour to spread the joy of travel for all to see and read.

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