Steep rugged white limestone cliffs juxtaposed against light-blue turquoise waters, all emblazoned with fluorescence under the Mediterranean sun…. we would like to introduce you to the Calanques of Marseille.

Ranking high amongst our main incentives to visit Marseille, we embarked on a hike into the “Massif des Calanques” starting out from the Luminy University Campus, eager and enthusiastic about the perceived splendour that waited.

An hour and 45 minutes later into the wild abyss, lo and behold! The emerald of National Park distinguished by the name “Calanque du Sugiton” distinctly visible with it’s torpedo boat looking Island stack “Le Torpilleur”, eponymously named. Only one thing was concluded from our vantage point above…. we must descend down to the coast.

At this stage the descriptive words I had for the sparkle of vibrant colours before my eyes are lacking, nevertheless, the turquoise water far too appealing not to enter, far to enticing to recognise my inept swimming ability or to take into account the numerous amount of people nearby engaging in the activity of diving.

Swimming attire stripped on, my girlfriend and I undoubtedly entered (as if that was even a question?)

Setting the scene, there are two small beaches at the Calanque du Sugiton separated in by an “L” shape with a limestone stack (People were using as a diving platform) in the middle; once in the water the explorers urge to swim out to the out beach was unquestionable.

In the spirit of adventure and friendly competition, I raced off to the other beach leaving my girlfriend behind. WITHIN SECONDS the temperature of the water dropped instantaneously and I noticed a huge increase in the mass of water below me… my cognitive sense clocked on… this water was deep… very deep.




  1. 😂😂😂 omg!! I want the second part already! What happened next?? Is he alive now?? Haha

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