Our amazing first holiday together in the enchanting city of Rome, where we experienced a romantic blend of culture and history had come to an end. Our 2 1/2 hour flight from Rome Ciampino to London Stansted was bittersweet. 

After queuing endlessly in passport control and getting through,I decided it would be wise me for to look after both our passports. I am not sure why I thought this was a good decision, maybe because I thought it was cute to look after my man’s passport (lol). 

The weather was cloudy and dull, completely opposite to the warm Roman weather we had gotten used to, but it’s London so why did we expect more? The current weather reflected how we would soon feel. We decided to get a coach to London Stratford and make our way home from here. 

*checks in my bag for the passports- they were there* 

We had purchased our coach tickets and we were waiting for our coach to arrive. Once the coach arrived, we boarded and found two seats at the back. 

*checks in my bag for the passports- THERE’S ONLY ONE* 

So somewhere in between us boarding the coach and sitting down, one of the passports went missing! Worst of all, the one passport I did have was mine. SO I LOST HIS PASSPORT?? 

I couldn’t tell him. So I began calmly looking around while engaging in conversation to prevent Jason from getting suspicious. 

‘What you looking for?’ 


‘What you looking for?’ 

‘Your passport’ 

‘Are you pranking me?’ 

‘No Jason’ 

His face said it all. We frankly emptied all our bags. It was no where to be found. What was we going to do? At least this happened at the end of our trip and not the the start I thought. Jason’s annoyance and moaning became hushed as I searched down the side of the seat. Low & behold.. HIS PASSPORT!🥳


7 responses to “I LOST HIS PASSPORT!”

  1. Two’s company Avatar
    Two’s company

    Oh no what a nightmare! It’s such a horrible feeling when you misplace something, especially something as important as a passport. Thank god you found it in the end!


  2. As I have travel with my passport, that one thought has always been the scariest. Glad you found it.


    1. So scary and thank you!

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