Borders are reopening, planes are taking off, travelling is no longer a thing of the past. So, we thought we would share with you what we carry in our bag while sightseeing.


We always carry our passport to ensure it is safe and can use it as our ID if required. (If you have read our blog on when I lost Jason’s passport you will know this is not always the case)



After a long day of exploring you are going to want to shower and sleep, not trying to obtain a new hotel key from the front desk. It easy to forget your hotel key when rushing out of the room so always double check. 


While you are travelling you will be touching many different things, using hand sanitiser will kill 99% of the bacteria your hands have come into contact with – this is extremely important post COVID-19.


Travelling doesn’t exempt one from a running nose or spillages! Tissues are always good to carry and are easily disposable.


These wipes are good to carry in case you need to wipe anything down, a mini pack will do the job!


May seem like a trivial item to carry however you never know when a pen can come in handy. Especially while wondering around in museums, you may have the opportunity to write a message in a visitor’s book etc.


No one wants their phone to die mid journey or mid photo, so carrying a FULLY charged power bank is essential! Unfortunately, we have packed dead power banks into our bags that’s why we stress FULLY charged.


It’s important to stay well hydrated while exploring a new country or city! No one wants to faint!

We hope you enjoyed this short blog, happy and safe travels!

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2 responses to “WHAT’S IN OUR BAG?”

  1. Two’s company Avatar
    Two’s company

    Love this list! I hadn’t thought about the anti bac wipes, but I’m going away in August and these will definitely be on my packing list – such a great idea!


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