A few days before my 21st birthday I received an iMessage containing an electronic ticket to Disneyland Paris. A faint memory of going to Disneyland when I was 7 years old pops into my head. Was this some sort of prank? I swiftly facetimed Jason and was greeted with a huge grin.

‘ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS??’ I exclaimed.


I was ecstatic, Jason had made my dreams of returning to Disneyland a reality. Leading up to the day I meticulously decided on my outfit, hair and makeup to ensure I got a perfect picture in front of the famed castle. Jason reassured me he had the whole day planned out, all I needed to do was be on time and look cute.

So, the day came for us to go to Disneyland, the plan was to fly to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, get a coach to Disneyland, spend the day and to return home to London later that same evening. The sound of a day trip to Disneyland sounded very hectic but I knew it would be totally worth it. Our day began at 2am with an uber to Victoria coach station, from there was got a coach to Luton airport and excitedly waited for our flight to Paris-CDG. The flight was quick and smooth with the seat belt barely being able to contain my excitement.

Once we arrived in Paris-CDG we had to figure out where to take the coach from, it is here my excitement turned into rage. Being 6’2 Jason somehow saw a sign leading to the coach for Disneyland, in a split second he began bolting through the airport without a word. I was left confused, why was he running? I stood for a moment unsure of what to do, my only option was to follow him… I guess. So, I too began to start running through Paris-CDG airport already at a disadvantage as he already has a 5-minute head start, was fitter and has a bigger stride due to our 1 foot difference in height. At this point I was so angry, how could he just leave me in the airport? I can only speak basic French and Jason had our money! Hesitant of which direction to go, I went straight. Out of breath and about to give up I saw a Disneyland logo covering a large coach. I decided to continue towards the coach while calling Jason’s phone. No answer. Now reaching the coach, I see a familiar tall man talking to what looked like the coach driver. ANGER. As I approach the coach stop, Jason greets me with a smile and informs me that the coach will be leaving in 30 minutes.


‘Sorry, I didn’t want us to miss the coach’ he chuckled.

‘So, what if the coach was about to leave and I wasn’t here, what would of you have done?’

‘Told them to wait for you babe’ he said.

Let’s just say we sat in silence waiting for the coach.

The rest of the day was magical and I had the best birthday. This story has now become something we continuous laugh and joke about.

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