(well 2 hours lol!)

While cruising down Regent’s canal, it is quite easy to forget that you only hopped on a train to experience something so refreshing and fun.

A few weeks ago, we were kindly gifted a 2-hour self-drive boating experience by GoBoat London and we are still getting asked about it!

We set out at around 10am to Paddington, where our adventure would begin. Please note that GoBoat London have another location in Kingston also. We arrived 15 minutes prior to our booking and checked in. We were then showed the route and how to operate the boat by the amazing GoBoat London employees.

Now this is where the real story begins. Jason was to be the captain and Sekai… was just relaxing and taking pictures. Shortly after leaving our starting location we became stuck between two boats. Yes, STUCK. How? Not quite sure!

Onlookers laughed and tried to suggest ways for us to get out of our predicament but nothing helped. Finally, we called the office for help. It was then a GoBoat London employee effortlessly cruised down the canal to our rescue. However, we began contemplating if we were skilled enough to do this for another 1 hour and 50 minutes. Yes, we got stuck after only being in the boat for 10 minutes!

Anyway, we decided that we were going to keep going. Magically 5 minutes later, Jason became a pro. With this newfound confidence we began listening to music and dancing while cruising down the canals. We sailed through Little Venice, Blomfield Road, Maida Hill Tunnel, Lisson Grove Tunnel and Cumberland Basin Turn. If you’re lucky you may see some animals while passing ZSL London Zoo! Honestly this was one of the best things we have done together in the longest while, especially because of the pandemic! Being a couple, we would definitely recommend this activity for a date night or a special anniversary. However, this would be an amazing experience to share with those closet to you for a birthday or just for a day out! We saw many young families loving this experience too! At the end of the two hours we wished we had another two!

Sekai did try to navigate for 2 seconds before resuming her role of relaxing. You do not need any prior experience, we clearly did not have any! Once you have some practise, it is very easy to navigate.


You book your experience online and receive a waiver form to complete prior to your chosen date. The experience is family friendly and you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks on board. Only two bottles/cans or one 750ml bottle of wine/champagne can be taken on board – however the driver must remain sober throughout the duration of the journey. A sheet explaining the route, rules and safety is given to you to take onto the boat and up to 8 passengers can be on the boat at one time.


1 hour- £79

2 hours-£119

3 hours- £159

We hope the weather stays nice and you are able to visit GoBoat London! Until then, Ahoy matey!

Link to GoBoat London:

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