Flights for £5? Really? Is it a scam?

Answer: NO!!

Ryanair are currently doing a mega sale and flights to various destinations are only £5 one way!

Catch: You have to travel before the 31st of October 2020. However, you can change the date of your booking up to 31st of December without being charged- but will have to pay the different in flight price.

So you can potentially jet off for just £10! Depending on your return date that is. However when we put through different dates the return flights were still below £100!

How do you get this deal?

1. Go onto the Ryanair website

2. There will be an advert for the MEGA PRICE DROP (pictured below)

3. Various countries that are part of this deal will be listed (seen in the image below)

4. Click on a destination you would like to travel to

5. It then shows you different dates and the prices of the flights (example shown below)

6. The same page (as above) will appear for the return flights

7. Checkout & book your flight!

Important note: Some of the countries included in this deal are not listed as travel corridor countries and you will have to quarantine upon return. Also do not forget to fill out any required forms!

These countries are: Spain, France, Italy, The Channel Islands

Will you be booking a flight?

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