Apps have taken over the world and almost all businesses have an app. Apps are so must faster than using websites, stores data and can provide personalised content. In addition, they provide instant online and offline access and regular notifications and updates. 

Travel apps make finding your dream holiday easier. We have compiled a list of our favourite travel apps. 

~ These are in no particular order ~


  1. Skyscanner

If you do not know about Skyscanner by now, then you may have been living under a rock! Skyscanner compares the prices of flights, hotels and car hire. This is a great way to save money and find the best deals. Our favourite feature on this app is that you can put in your departure location as ‘Everywhere’, when you do this, the app provides you with the cheapest places to travel to anywhere in the world during your chosen dates.

  • Teletext Holidays

One of the best apps and companies out there, which completely removes the stress of booking a holiday. Teletext holidays finds you the best deals for whatever type of holiday you need, from all inclusive to self-catering, short haul to long haul, budget to luxury, whatever you need can be found. You only require a small deposit and can pay in monthly instalments, which is perfect!


  • Citymapper

This is probably our most used travel app, as we use this app everyday while at home (London). The name explains the app, it’s basically an app that provides maps and directions for various cities worldwide. Unfortunately, not all cities are available on the app just yet but the major cities definitely are. Citymapper makes getting to destinations so easy, it tells you different way to get to your location via walking, bus, cab or public transport. A cool feature is that the app will notify you when to get off the train or bus you are traveling on! This is super handy if you get easily distracted while on public transport like us. 

  • Uber 

Uber everywhereeeee. Although we love using public transport while abroad, as we believe it really helps you see more of the country or city. There are times when you really need to hop in an Uber, when Google Maps fail or if you’ve overpacked and your bag is heavy!


  • Airbnb

This is one of the most popular sites/apps ever. Airbnb helps you find the perfect holiday rental, experiences and adventures worldwide. While searching on Airbnb you can find some really unique places to stay and experience. Some say it is becoming more popular than staying in hotels, especially amongst younger and frequent travellers. 


Known for its dark blue logo, has over 28 million listings and allows you to book from hotels, hostels, apartments and more! You have the option to select certain things you definitely want during your stay, ie. private bathroom, location. We find that is very reliable and has great customer service. 

So get downloading! 

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