Have you ever gone on a holiday without travel insurance? Has prayer BEEN your travel insurance?  Travel insurance is highly recommended when travelling overseas and domestically, but why?

  1. Help while you are away

While you hope to have a stress-free holiday relaxing and exploring, there is a risk that not everything will go your way. Having insurance will definitely help you out and make sure you get the best service or care.

2. Protection from medical costs

Luckily, we have never injured ourselves while on holiday but falling off a motorbike while exploring Thailand is not impossible. If you have insurance and require medical attention while travelling, you may not be liable to pay. Unfortunately, not every country in the world is blessed with having the NHS and a single day hospitalised can cost over £1,000.

3. Covers trip disruptions

We all have experienced flights delays, even cancellations- both of which are out of your control. With travel insurance, you will not have to spend any more of your own money if something was to go wrong.

4. Reimbursement for losses and expenses  

You have arrived at your destination however your luggage has been lost, damaged or stolen and you’re left thinking how are going to afford to replace all your items. If you have travel insurance with the right company, you can be reimburses for your losses.

We highly recommend getting travel insurance and using sites which compare the prices of different policies on offer. You can get travel insurance which covers you for a year or a single trip.

Links to sites which compare different travel insurance policies:

Do you already have travel insurance? If so, has it ever come in handy?

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