~ This post is in collaboration with Kula Bags ~

Do you hate having aching shoulders and a bad back while travelling? I certainly do. 

Honestly, carrying luggage is my least favourite part of travelling. I enjoy when I arrive at a hotel because I can finally put my bag down! 

However, I think I’ve found the perfect bag…

Last month I was kindly sent the Fairfield Backpack by Kula Bags, in the colour brown. Kula Bags are an amazing brand based in London who are committed to using sustainably sourced materials to develop stylish vegan bags and backpacks that have a better impact on the environment. Their bags are both durable and washable and the inside is made from 100% recycled plastic.

While I would have loved to use this bag while exploring a new country, due to COVID I used it while exploring our home, London. It easily became my everyday bag, especially now that I have started commuting to University again. The amount of compliments are endless!

Time to show you around the Fairfield bag! 

I am in love with the look of this bag, it’s so beautiful! The shape and colour is perfect and matches with any outfit!

The design is simple but has stylish details. The diagonal stitching is a nice touch. There is also a zip on the front of the bag, this component is quite big and I managed to fit my hand sanitiser, hand cream, mask, keys and purse inside.

On the side there are good sized pockets suitable for holding water bottles. I personally do not like putting my water bottle inside my bag, as I have had my fair share of spills. So this feature definitely comes in handy! It is also a great location to store your umbrella, which you always need considering how quickly the weather changes in London.

Now for the back. The straps are very comfortable and are adjustable. I love the width of the straps as they fit perfectly on your shoulders without causing any pain. At the top of the bag there is a handle, which I used a lot while travelling on the underground. The back zip is amazing for valuables and it is harder to pick pocket! While travelling this would be the best place to put your passport or spare money. The bag is extremely light regardless of what is inside.

Time to explore inside! 

Another zip! This pocket is very deep and I decided to put some concealer and lipgloss inside lol. You then have a place to store your laptop, my MacBook Pro fits great along with the charger. The main bag itself is roomy and can hold a lot of items. There is also two smaller compartments where you could possibly store your stationary.

Final verdict:

I would highly recommend investing in this bag. It is a great staple piece for your bag collection. There is also other styles available too! I take pleasure in knowing that the bag is made from eco-friendly materials and is the perfect bag for a weekend away!

Rating: *****

The Fairfield Backpack sells for £35 and is available in Brown, Olive and Black.

Link to Kula Bags: https://www.kulabags.co.uk

We can’t wait to take pictures with this bag on our next Staycation… if that happens! Follow us @jumpintothemap



  1. Philip And Helan Avatar
    Philip And Helan

    Wow I really love the bag too. It’s just perefct color and it’s got everything I want!


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