Picking the best travel partner or group is just as important as finding the perfect destination and accommodation. 

Being in a foreign country trying to navigate around and coping with a language barrier can put pressure on you- in even the ‘strongest’ of relationships. It is no secret that many relationships have ended while on holiday, whether it be romantic or platonic.

When you have taken the wrong turn for the third time or are unable to find a restaurant that everyone can agree on, you often meet a different side to a person and gain a deeper insight to their type of character. 

When travelling with others, you must be open to comprise and ensure that everyone’s needs are met. It is often fun to go away with others that are exactly like you, however travelling with those who are completely different from you, may find you pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. 

Before travelling with someone or a group, it is best to have a very open discussion about what you want and expect from the trip.

Do you want to explore sights or spend more time sunbathing at the beach? 

Do you want to start your day bright and early or midday after a sleep-in?

Are you going to take turns in navigating? 

Do you like to take naps during the day? 

Do you like going on hikes? 

Do you want to try outdoor activities?

Are you afraid of heights? 

Holidays are meant to be a fun and enjoyable experience; rest assured, you do not want to spend it being irritated and annoyed! 

We are quite lucky to either go on holiday with each other, family, or friends that we love sharing the experience with! 

Have you had a nightmare holiday? 

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