Your next holiday may seem far away, in fact you might not even have one booked yet, but that does not stop you from saving for it. Your future ‘lying on the beach with cocktails’ self will thank you greatly.

Many of us book holidays that require upfront payment, meaning for the rest of the month after that exciting payment, you are budgeting or dipping into your savings. So why not create a holiday saving pot? So, as soon as we are allowed to travel again, you can just enter in your card details and start planning your holiday!

Saving money in ‘big sums’ can seem like all your hard earned money has become untouchable. However, saving in small amounts (daily) adds up to give you a great start to your holiday purchase.

Here’s a free template on how much to save daily for your next holiday:

If you follow this guide, your total tally of savings for the month would be almost £500! You do not need to start this at the beginning of the month, it can be started whenever you like, however if you save similiarly for a month, you’ll definitely see the benefits! Also take into consideration that some months are shorter/longer than others.

This is an intermediate saving guide, feel free to save more or less depending on your financial situation. The more money you have saved, the more destinations available for you to explore.

Do you have a holiday pot?

Happy saving!

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