2020 was filled with cancelled flights and unused passports. We’ve entered Tier 4 and the reality of the coming year and what it holds is still uncertain.

News reports that a new strain of the coronavirus has emerged – which can only lead to countries refusing entry to UK residents. This has already started happening with countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and more.

Additionally, the policies regarding travel to EU countries in 2021 is due to change because of Brexit, which means extra expenses may be coming our way (stay tuned for a blog post)

So knowing this… is it worth having a travel 2021 list just yet?

Realistically will we be able to travel? Will it be a requirement to take the vaccine in order to travel? Is making a 2021 travel list setting ourselves up for disappointment?

Personally we haven’t made a travel list for 2021 yet and here’s why:

1. We are unsure if we want to take the vaccine straight away – vaccines and drugs can affect individuals differently, therefore we want to see the efficacy of the vaccine and the possible side effects first.

2. Whether we travel next year or not, the beautiful countries will still be there once things get back to normal (this is a good way of thinking when you miss travelling!)

3. We don’t want to be disappointed again, so we would prefer to wait until things are certain, to book our next holiday

However we do think we will be making one for the latter part of the year and it will definitely include mostly sunny locations!

What’s your thoughts? Are you making one? If so, where will you be travelling to?

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