Once the capital of Spain, this week’s destination is the medieval city of Toledo. 

Symbolic of this prominence are the large fortress (alcázar) built by Moors, the vast and richly decorated cathedral, and the impressive archdiocesan palace built by the prelates of Toledo, primates of the Spanish church – hence why this city was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1989. 

Located on the banks of the Tagus in central Iberia, Toledo has a typical cold semi-arid climate. This city is set on a hill above the plains of Castilla-La Mancha in central Spain.

Having visited Toledo last year, we would highly recommend visiting this week’s destination. This city can be explored during a day trip and is accessible from the capital, Madrid. 


The nearest airport is in Madrid (MAD) which is 79.3 km away and is the cheapest city to get to Toledo from. Other airports nearby include: Granada, Valencia and Sevilla. 

There is no direct train from the Madrid airport to Toledo, therefore you will need to take the local RENFE train on line C-1 into the centre, and get off at the Atocha central station. From there you will need to switch to the AVE train and head to Toledo. 

From Madrid city centre you can venture to Toledo in many different ways: 

By coach: 55 minutes

After a 55 minute coach journey you will enter the beautiful city of Toledo. Price: £30, however this coach price includes visiting another Spain city close by, Segovia. 

By train: 32 minutes

The earliest train is 6:50am and the last train back to Madrid is at 21:50. Boarding the early train, you can arrive in Toledo before 8am for around €13. This is a direct service and there is an average of 15 trains between these two cities everyday.

Arab, Christian, and Jewish monuments can be found throughout the city, and Toledo is the perfect additional tourist stop for those interested in the culture and history of Spain.

5 Things to do in Toledo:

We would highly recommend going with a tour guide company if exploring this city in a day as it is the best way to efficiently see all Toledo has to offer. 

A private tour with a local via Get Your Guide (affiliate link):

  1. Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo: a Roman Catholic Church

  1. Alcázar de Toledo:  a stone fortification located in the highest part of Toledo, Spain.

  1. Sinagoga de Santa María La Blanca: a Moorish-style synagogue with a hall of horseshoe-shaped arches.

  1. San Martin’s Bridge: a medieval bridge across the river Tagus in Toledo

  1. Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes: a monastery built by the Catholic Monarchs

This is the place to explore for the day when visiting Madrid and we would highly recommend it. This city is completely different to the vibrant city of Madrid, nonetheless it holds such character and history. 

See you next week! 

Jason and Sekai @jumpintothemap 


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