What is this algorithm that everyone on Instagram is always talking about? How relevant is it and how can it affect your Instagram?

When you post to Instagram, on average only 5-10% of your followers will see your content. So in our case, only a maximum of 930 of our followers will actually see the post.

The more people that like, comment, share and save your post, the more likely Instagram is to show your post to more of your followers. An emphasis as of late has been put on the ‘save’ feature – therefore encourage your followers through your captions, stories and photographs to save your post. 

All these factors cause your post to then be featured at the top of your followers feed and on explore pages. This is exactly what you want as it will maximise your engagement and potentially help to gain more followers.


If you post a picture and it does not achieve much engagement then you will not appear high up on your followers feeds. Therefore, it is important to check your insights to determine the best time to post. This can be done by seeing what time more of your followers are active.

It is unclear whether the proportions of your engagement affects the algorithm, except for saves. For example: if you get 500 likes but only 2 saves, then your post will not appear high up. However if you were to get 500 likes and 100 saves it will appear much higher on the algorithm. 

Stories count towards engagement too, making it very important to post interactive stories which bring up conversation. 

The amount of likes, saves etc may not always be constant so do not be discouraged if some posts don’t do as well as others. Do not focus on numbers, focus on promoting consistent and relatable content. 

Ultimately, you cannot ‘beat’ the algorithm, however if you post content which you love, everyone else is sure to love it also! Even if you were to only get 2 likes, still post your picture/video as it is something you are passionate about and love.  Although it does explain perhaps why you see more influencers at the top of your feed rather than your friends – as more people engage in their posts. 

Do not be afraid to PUSH your content, repost it everywhere (we do)! Don’t wait for someone else to do it! 

Follow us @jumpintothemap for more tips and feel free to DM us for more help.

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