The Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, has now issued a mandatory 10-day hotel quarantine for those returning to the UK from ‘red list’ countries. This has been imposed to try and minimise/prevent the spread of the new COVID strain.

The ‘red list’ consists of countries which have reported new strains of the COVID virus. Find a blog listing the countries on our site.

Link to blog:

Once you arrive back, you will swiftly be greeted at the airport and transported to a hotel to quarantine. The stay however will not be free of charge and you will be required to undergo testing during your stay. The costs, food and what to expect are yet to be released.

In addition, at airports and ports, travellers will be questioned to determined the nature of their travels – if it for leisure, you will be ordered to return home. However if you are travelling for legitimate reasons, you will be allowed to do so: The government are proposing the idea of a travel declaration form a form you will need to fill out in order to travel. 

What’s your thoughts? How feasible do you think this idea is? Thousands of people enter the UK everyday, so will there be enough hotels to properly enforce this new requirement? 

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