Ohrid, North Macedonia

Located in North Macedonia, the city of Ohrid, houses 365 churches; one for each day of the year. This city holds the most breathtaking views in all of North Macedonia and is paved with cobblestone streets with an atmospheric old quarter. It is a vacationer’s paradise as the city is only really crowded during July and August. Welcome to this week’s destination!

This North Macedonian city is one of Europe’s oldest settlements, known for its religion and Slavic culture. The natural UNESCO World Heritage site, Lake Ohrid, is one of Europe’s deepest and oldest lakes, with a unique aquatic ecosystem of worldwide importance, with more than 200 endemic species. 

Source: Staysure

Full of natural beauty, there are plenty of beaches with views of mountains and hills throughout the city. The cuisine in Ohrid is of Mediterranean and Turkish flavours, with a hint of Italian zest. You will find locally, fresh hand made food throughout the city with an abundance of seafood. Note: Dr. Falafel is meant to be the best restaurant in the city – catering wonderfully to vegetarians and vegans!

We recommend grabbing a picnic and heading to the renowned 13th-century Saint Jovan Kaneo Church- also know as the Church of St. John the theologian , to watch the sunset over the lake – you will not be disappointed. The weather reaches temperatures of 31 degrees, therefore it is summer dresses, shorts, t-shirts and sunglasses all holiday long. Also, don’t forgot to enjoy live Jazz music at the Jazz Inn or dance your feet off at Club Havana. 

Source: kilroy.net

This is the perfect location for budget travellers, without comprising on experiences and views. Accommodation can be found for as little as €10 a night and each meal costs around €4-8; therefore, you can spend a total of around €50 a day! 

How to get there:

You can get a flight from London to Ohrid, however the journey is not direct, but it only last around 3 hours. If you decide to go during June or December you will be set back by £250 however in other months prices range from £50-£105. It is best to book to up to three weeks in advance for best prices. 

Activities to do while in Ohrid:

  • Hike mountains (free)
  • Cycle trails to mountains (€10 for bike rental)
  • Boat Rentals (as cheap as €10) 
  • Kayaking (two hour rentals cost €5)
  • Cliff jumping (we’re too scared for this one) 
  • Free walking tours (yes, free!!) 
  • Explore Ohrid’s Old Town
  • Admire the view from Tsar Samuil’s Fortress
  • Catch a performance at the Ancient Theatre
  • Go back in time at Plaošnik
  • Shop for Ohrid pearls
  • Discover Byzantine architecture at Kaneo

We hope you enjoyed this week’s destination and add Ohrid to your list! See you next week.

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