Pakleni Islands, Croatia

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Destination of the Week: Pakleni Islands, Croatia

Also called the Palinski Islands which can be translated as ‘Hell’s Island’. This week we are taking you to the beautiful wooden Pakleni isles, close to Hvar, Croatia. Picture- perfect, these islands allow you swim in crystal clear water, discover hidden beaches, eat amazing food and soak up the best of Mediterranean climate on the Adriatic Sea.

Location, Location

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We’re virtually travelling to Croatia’s acclaimed Dalmatia Coast, specifically Split-Dalmatia County of Croatia. On the island of Hvar where the namesake city, Hvar is located, these islands can be seen from the harbour. The Pakleni Islands are a group of sixteen small islands; the main ones are named : Island Galešnik, Island Jerolim, Island Marinkovac and Island St. Klement.

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Quieter and less crowded, these islands allow you to get away from the busyness of the Hvar and saunter around from island to island, immersed in the natural beauty.

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The islands

Island Galešnik

Home to a restaurant located in an old military building, you can partake in wine tasting and try local specialities while listening to the splashing of the waves. This is the quickest island to reach from Hvar as it’s the closest; Hvar’s amazing harbour can be observed from the island.

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Island Jerolim

Situated south of the Island Galešnik, Island Jerolim is the best place to put on your favourite swim suit and relax. Amo beach, only a 5 minute ride from Hvar by speed boat offers privacy, an all day restaurant and other amazing amenities. Only a 50 metre walk away, you have the Kordovan Beach, voted the most beautiful naturist beach in Europe by CNN in 2011. This paradise also has local food for you to indulge in while tanning.

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Island Marinkovac

Another natural beauty, this island has lovely hidden pebbles beaches (Ždrilca Bay) and is famous for Stipanska Bay. Stipanska Bay has a beach, named Care Diem beach, where beach parties are thrown all day long; the best being the full moon party. If this island couldn’t get any better, you can experience a 5 star clubbing experience in one of the Adriatic’s best nightclub. If you love snorkelling, head to Mlini beach on Ždrilca Bay, this is the local’s favourite – so be sure to check it out.

Island St. Klement

The largest of all the islands, St. Klement has various different spots for you to explore, namely: Perna Beach, Palmižana bay and Vlaka Beach. Although you will need to carry your own food, water etc, Perna Beach, is a great place to snorkel and relax in crystal clear water. The most popular destination of this island is Palmižana bay, specifically the bay where the main beach is located! High quality cuisine is served throughout the island and there is a marina for mooring your boat if you choose this mode of transport. You can also visit the art museum on the Meneghello estate. Settled by the vineyards by vineyards, experience a mud Bath in old Roman spas at Vlaka Beach.

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If starting from Split, you can take a ferry or catamaran to Hvar. Frequent during summer, daily passenger ferries from Hvar town drops you off in Jerolim, Stipanska or Palmizana. You can opt to get a tour of the different islands, the prices of these tours start from €49 and there are many tour companies around Hvar to choose from. These islands can be seen in a day trip if wanted, however we recommend spending a few days to experience them all adequately. Moreover, if you were to go with a large group, you can divide the cost of group boat rentals or tours. These tours last all day, furthermore, they are disability friendly and perfect for all ages. If you can own your own boat, even better, as you can dock your boat at the ACI Marina at Palmizana, or the cove of Zdrilca.

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There are hotels available on the islands however they are quite pricey and require a minimum 1 week stay – hence, we recommend stay in Hvar and just journeying to the islands.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks destination and cannot wait to go to the Pakleni islands!

Source: Shuttershock/xbrchx
Source: Shuttershock/xbrchx

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