Unique UK Airbnb’s (Airship Airbnb)

Welcome to a new series on our blog, where we share unique Airbnb’s from around the world, we hope you enjoy! 

What better place to start than right here in the UK! Usually, when one is thinking of an unique Airbnb stay, you think of a Treehouse or an igloo in the middle of Switzerland. However, what if we said you could stay in an airship in the middle of Sussex, would you believe us?

If you are looking to retreat away for a few days in the woodlands, while enjoying a stay in an aluminium pod, which overlooks a valley and dew pond – this is the perfect stay for you.


  • King-sized bed (comes with fresh bed linen and towels)
  • Bathroom: with shower, toilet and sink (comes with shampoo and shower gel)
  • Living room
  • Kitchen (with everything you need to make a delicious meal, including a coffee marker!)
  • Indoor fireplace
  • Free parking with a private entrance
  • Outdoor patio with BBQ grill


  • Luggage drop-off
  • Lockbox

So how much will this cost you? The airship is priced at £130 per night, however, is booked out months in advance, therefore ensure you plan your intergalactic stay well in advance.

With over 2000 views, this Airbnb is rated 4.94 and from the pictures, we can totally understand why. This Airbnb would pose as the perfect unusual staycation and it is not every day that you can say you have stayed in an airship – note, there is no WiFi, we guess there wouldn’t be any in space anyway?

Disclaimer: This Airbnb is not suitable for children under the age of 12 or with a mobile disability. 

Link to Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/13126329?previous_page_section_name=1000&federated_search_id=c8c03111-217e-45c5-815f-9d3b88a6b14b

What do you think about this Airbnb? 

See you next week! 

Images sourced from the Airbnb listing


2 responses to “Unique UK Airbnb’s (Airship Airbnb)”

  1. shambhavijodha Avatar

    Visit India also


    1. will do! Thanks for the suggestion!


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