Union Island – St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Only offering an area of 9 square kilometres , Union Island is one of the small island treasures which make up the island country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  The Grenadines are the group of small islands located between Saint Vincent (North) and Grenada (South) and shared between the two larger islands. Union Island is just north of other Grenadine islands such a Carriacou and the Isle of Spice, Grenada and just west-southwest of Barbados. Welcome to this week’s destination located in the turquoise Caribbean sea. 

Under 3,000 people inhabit this beautiful Caribbean island, with the main language being English. Languages such as French and German are also spoken in the principal towns of Clifton and Ashton. Named as the ‘Tahiti’ of the Caribbean due to its volcanic silhouette, Union Island stretches 3 miles in length and 1 mile wide; although appears bigger due to its hilly nature.

In spite of the size, the island does not lack in activities which cater to all. Some activities include:

1. Kitesurfing

The island is one of the best places in the world to learn how to Kitesurf, with certified instructors from the JT Pro Center Kitesurfing School bringing a buzz and tourism to the island.

2. Island Hopping 

Neighbouring islands, such as Tobago Cays, Palm Island and Mayreau must be visited during your stay on Union Island. All-inclusive charter day tours are available and speed boats can be reserved through the Union Island website. On these islands you can snorkel, scuba dive and swim with sea turtles. 

3. Hiking

If you are a lover of views, hiking around this island will expose you to breath taking views. Two stunning bays, Chatham and Bloody bay can be reached by foot, however a 360 view can be seen from the top of Clifton town. There are hiking tours available, which we highly recommend as it allows you to emerge yourself into the islands beauty.

Source: Pinterest

4. Turtle watching

Observing the laying of eggs by large sea turtles at night is an once in a lifetime experience, one which is offered by Eco Adventure Tours. This activity is only available during March the 1st to July the 31st , as this is Turtle closed season. The Union Island Environmental Attackers (UIEA) work very hard to preserve nature and keep the island clean, this is refreshing to know that preservation is just as important as tourism.

5. Taxi island tours 

Cruise through the island and get your bearing, while observing the culture of Union Island from your seat. The tours are easily accessible and affordable. 

Source: tofinopaddle.com

6. Paddle tours

A great way to see the coastline of the Union Island is through a Paddle tour, Stand Up Paddle is a highly recommend company to use if you are interested. This activity poses another form of transport in comparison to walking, driving or boat. This activity looks like great fun for all.

Source: allatsea.net

7. Bike rental

Want to exercise and work out? While exercising while on holiday does not sound appealing, renting a bike during your stay allows you to travel around the island at your leisure. 

Through doing these activities you will receive an authentic island experience while supporting the locals. 

How to get there:

The island has an airport welcome to domestic flights from Saint Vincent and other Grenadine islands. However, international flights from Barbados journey to the island constantly.


All year round is the best time to venture to Union Island, however in Easter a large week-long festival called ‘Easterval’ occurs, which is loved by both the local and visitors. Further, an event titled ‘Maroon’ which takes place in late May, is famous for its food, dancing and drums, this event is meant to entice the gods to bring on the rains and lasts from dawn to night.

Additionally, you can have the full experience by visiting Grenada in August for its carnival named ‘Spicemas’ and then travel to Union Island by boat for a lovely two day break to recover from all the partying and food. 

As my family are from Carriacou (Sekai), an aforementioned island within the Grenadines, I am in constant awe of the beauty tucked away in the collection of these islands. Unlike the other destinations in this weekly series, I have had first-hand experience visiting these islands and cannot recommend them enough.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s destination, see you next week! 


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