Yes, we are back with another travel deal! 

If you travel between the 10th November 2021 and the 15th December 2021 with Ryanair you can travel to 30+ destinations for £5! 

The tickets cost £5 each way and must be booked by 10th November 2021 (so tonight!). These flights leave from various London airports.

So if you are up for a spontaneous trip before Christmas, this is your sign to book one! 

Here are 10 destinations in this deal that stood out to us: 

Budapest, Hungary 

Faro, Portugal 

Fez, Morocco

Marrakesh, Morocco 

Madrid, Spain 

Milan, Italy

Rome, Italy

Nice, France 

Podgorica, Montenegro

Vienna, Austria 

Link to sale: https://www.ryanair.com/gb/en/plan-trip/explore/cheap-deals

Can’t wait to see where you travel to for £5! 

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