If travelling to Asia, Latin America or Europe is on your bucket list — then we have found the perfect sale for you! 

TruTravels organises life-changing group travel adventures for 18-year-olds and up! The company is perfect for incredible journeys across Asia, Europe and Latin America — amazing for keen travellers of different abilities and generations. 

Benefits of travelling with TruTravels:

  • Accommodation, activities and transport are all included in the prices.
  • The deposits for the trips are very low and there are different payment plans available to suit everyone. 
  • Not only will you be going to tourist hotspots,  TruTravels allows you to experience unique experiences too!
  • The itineraries are packed with different adventures — perfect for everyone! (you can view the amazing itineraries on their site!)
  • You also receive 1-on-1 support before, on and after your trip.
  • Make amazing life-long friends with the other travellers in the group! 

Here are some of the current deals: 

Cancun – Playa Del Carmen in Mexico


11 Days for £921 

Male – Male in Maldives


8 Days for £1,068.75

Seminyak – Seminyak in Indonesia 

10 Days for £657

Bangkok – Phuket in Thailand

9 Days for £766.50 

San Jose – Santa Teresa in Costa Rica 

10 Days for £693

Medellin – Cartagena in Colombia 

12 Days for £921 

These deals are amazing for solo travellers, couples, families and friends!

More deals and destinations can be found here:

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