With travel becoming easier this year, here are different ways to travel this year – each type definitely gives you a different travel experience!


This is definitely an amazing way to travel, especially this year. After being inside for the last 2 years, this is not only a great way to see the world but also to socialise. Group travels are great also when travelling to Latin America and Asia especially! TruTravels is an example of an amazing company which provides top class travel group services – we will definitely be travelling with them next year.

Resource: https://www.trutravels.com


Everyone once in their lifetime should do a solo trip, it is very eye opening and rewarding. Learning about yourself while exploring a new city is amazing. Here is a great guide for tips on solo travelling.

Resource: https://www.roughguides.com/article/ten-tips-for-surviving-solo-travel/


Splash your cash and stay in an amazing hotel and travel to one of your bucket list destinations without budgeting. Also enjoy booking spa massages, boujee restaurants and more. Obviously don’t go into debt for the holiday! If you do not feel like planning one yourself, Inspiring Travel Co. is a great company that creates tailor-made luxury holidays.

Resource: https://www.inspiringtravelcompany.co.uk


Set a budget and stick to it! Travel and create memories for less. The budget is all dependent on how much you can afford, how does a £100 city break sound to you? It is up to you on the size of the budget you plan to stick to!

Resource: https://jumpintothemap.wordpress.com (us!) or Google ‘How to explore ____ on a budget’


If you do not feel comfortable travelling this year, go on a staycation. Explore your own country and find all its hidden gems. Hometogo is a great website to find high quality and unique staycation accommodations – perfect to stay in while exploring. Who doesn’t love being a tourist in their own city?

Resource: https://www.hometogo.co.uk

How do you plan to travel this year?

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