Sutherland Falls, New Zealand – The best waterfall in New Zealand?


In New Zealand’s South Island, a waterfall called Sutherland Falls is located close to Milford Sound. The falls, at 580 metres (1,904 feet), were once thought to be New Zealand’s tallest waterfall

The Sutherland Falls are nourished by Lake Quill, a little circular lake that fills a small granite basin that was carved out by glacier action during the Ice Age and empties almost directly into a valley below. The best view is from above during a helicopter flight, when the lake behind the waterfall is framed by snow-capped mountains during the colder months.


You must go down the Milford Track, one of New Zealand’s most thrilling walking tracks, in order to reach the falls. Keep in mind that this section of the track is one of the hardest, thus visitors must be adequately outfitted with the right clothing, gear, and footwear.

It is necessary to take a 90-minute return trip from the trail in order to obtain a better perspective of the surroundings or if you want to see the falls’ base. In order to go quickly and explore the Sutherland Falls, many people who go to the falls typically leave their backpacks in the Quinton Hut shelter, where this tour begins. Remember that the weather in this region of New Zealand is erratic, so it’s necessary to carry not only your flashlights but also your rain gear and cosy clothes that you can use in both cold and warm weather.

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