Albania on a budget

Albania continues to enchant with its breathtaking mountain landscapes, crumbling castles, vibrant capital, and lovely beaches that match any in the Mediterranean. Albania has long been the mystery of Mediterranean Europe, having remained closed to outsiders for most of the 20th century. Its ragged mountains, fortified cities, and dazzling beaches were only legends on most travel maps until quite recently. However, this is a region of unspoiled natural beauty with a lengthy history that dates back to the Illyrian and Greek civilizations.


Best time to visit Albania

The cheapest month to fly to Albania is currently January, for £51 flying from London to Tirana Airport with Wizz Air.


Budget accommodation

Expect to pay between 2,450 (£18) and 3,050 (£22) LEK per night for a private room in a hostel. The majority of hostels have kitchens and also provide breakfast.

Budget hotels provide rooms with private bathrooms and air conditioning for as little as 3,050 (£22) LEK per night for a double or twin. Realistically, you could expect to pay between 4,875 (£36) and 6,100 LEK (£45) every night. The majority of hotels also include a sizable breakfast.

Villa 57 Hotel (£16 a night)

Klajdi Resort and Spa (£69 a night)

The Rooms Apartments Tirana (£53 a night)

Lot Boutique Hotel (£52 a night)



Using the bus is the easiest way to get around Albania, bus fares range from 300 (£2) LEK to more than 1000 (£7) LEK, depending on how far you travel. The historic town of Berat is roughly 400 (£3) LEK to get to from Tirana and takes under three hours.

Things to do

Free walking tour

Explore Tirana


Tirana’s centre region may be easily explored in a single day due to the city’s compact size. However, set aside some time to be amazed by the city’s concrete housing complexes in addition to a leisurely investigation of the few museums, monuments, historic structures, and parks.

Historic town of Berat


One of Albania’s most alluring locations is Berat, often known as the “City of a Thousand Windows.” Its imposing castle, charming patchwork of window frames, and winding cobblestone lanes helped it earn a spot on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is located on the banks of the Osum River.

Llogara Pass


Along the Albanian Riviera, in the Ceraunian Mountains, lies a high mountain pass known as the Llogara Pass. It links the Himar in the south with the Dukat Valley in the north. It is one of Albania’s most well-known locations, and the drive there is among the most breathtaking in all of Europe.

Valbona to Theth hike


You have to do the hike from Valbona to Theth, because of the breathtaking scenery and attractions that Theth has to offer, it is worthwhile to visit. The hamlet is situated in Theth National Park’s centre. The village has a rather pastoral atmosphere. The genuine homes have wooden tiling on the roof and were constructed from local grey stone.



A distinctive town called Gjirokaster can be found in southern Albania, sandwiched between the Gjere Mountains and the River Drino. Its name, often spelled Gjirokastra, translates as “city of stones,” which perfectly describes the region surrounding Gjirokaster.

Albania is a beautiful country in Europe which is often forgotten about, however in the next few years we definitely see tourism increasing even more. It can definitely be done on a budget, but the culture and beauty will be priceless.

Would you travel to Albania?

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