With temperature’s expected to rise this summer, we have complied a list of Boat activities for you to enjoy in London this summer.


UNIQUE UK AIRBNB – Renovated Boat

A wonderfully restored 1945 boat nestled in a private forest with views of the open fenland countryside, how does that sound? If you are looking to rest, explore, and visit the nearby towns this would be a lovely escape. The town of Ely is 15 minutes away and Cambridge is only 30 minutes away from this Airbnb by car. So if you are interested in staying in a boat and exploring the local area, welcome to this week’s unique Airbnb!

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Unique UK Airbnb’s (Woodland Cabin)

The words ‘woodland cabin’ sound like they are coming straight from a scary movie, however, this Airbnb is closer to a tranquil retreat than a Friday the 13th movie. Located in Buckinghamshire, UK this cabin allows you to escape your usual schedule to explore and relax in the beautiful countryside. This cabin holds a lot of character, while offering a comfortable stay away from home. Welcome to this week’s unique Airbnb.

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Union Island – St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Only offering an area of 9 square kilometres , Union Island is one of the small island treasures which make up the island country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  The Grenadines are the group of small islands located between Saint Vincent (North) and Grenada (South) and shared between the two larger islands. Union Island is just north of other Grenadine islands such a Carriacou and the Isle of Spice, Grenada and just west-southwest of Barbados. Welcome to this week’s destination located in the turquoise Caribbean sea. 

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