Hey there guys! We hope you are all doing well and keeping safe.

It occurred to us that, sporadically, during your daily internet surfing you might come across a few beautiful locations on planet Earth. Some are customary travel locations to the well-seasoned, whilst others, previously unknown to you, catch you off-guard. You now have a new dream location to tell your friends and family, and to add to your wish list of travels- the beauty of serendipity.

Being Jump into the Map, we would like to add to your bon chance… therefore behold Destination Wednesday! A fortnightly theme venturing into different awe-inspiring destinations in our world.

This week’s location is…

Morskie Oko (Eye of the Sea), Tatra Mountains-Poland

A few of you Windows OS users may have come across this as your lock screen once upon a time. This beautiful location is in the Tatra Mountain Range; they form the natural land border between South-Central Poland and North-Central Slovakia. These Tatra mountains are the north-western part of the larger Carpathian Mountain Range which extends through eastern Europe. Morskie Oko, is a lake juxtaposed against steep mountains over 2000m in height. The area is adorned with tall swiss pine trees accentuating the beauty of the natural landscape.

Brief itinerary of what you can get up to:

The Tatra Mountains National Park has an admission fee of 5 polish złoty (£1) to enter. Your initial starting point, I would recommend should be from the town of Zakopane in South Poland. From here you would travel to Palenica Bialczanska (Palenica Bialczanska= Start of Hike)- this is a 40-minute bus ride costing 10 polish złoty (approx. £2). From Palenica Bialczanska to Morskie Oko the distance is around 9km at most- You have two options:

Option A ~ (2.5 to 3 hours hike) via an asphalt road trail- * easy access for both adults and children -as always, there are alternative steeper trails for the daring 

Option B ~ Horse-drawn carriage 40zł -50zł (£8-£10) which would be an hour in total including a 20-minute walk after the drop-off point

Arrival at Morskie Oko would be made obvious by the iconic Mountain Hut (rooms can be reserved but well, well, well in advance). Then behold!! at 1,395m above sea level you find yourself in awe of Morskie Oko- a feast for your eyes.


Around Morskie Oko there is a you can take a steeper and more challenging hike to Czarny Staw pod Rysami – commonly referred to as the Black Lake. This lake overlooks Morskie Oko and from that vantage point you can indulge in the beauty of both lakes.

Food can be bought at the Mountain Huts’ restaurant and hotel so definitely bring spare cash. Although yet explored- Morsie Oko and the Tatra Mountains are a destination in our summer wishlist– if visited please do tag us in your photos!

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*DISCLAIMER: All these images and information were found using Google, which we complied into a blog post*


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