The Nazca Lines, Peru 


If you are a lover of archeology and mystery, then this week’s Destination of the Week is the perfect place for you to travel to. 

The Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geometrical lines and patterns carved into the desert floor of southern Peru, over a millennia ago. The lines, which are several kilometres in length, according to most experts, are there for religious or astrological reasons. These lines were created by the Nazca people and contains underground aqueducts, temples and villages.

A monkey, A condor, a round-headed humanoid figure known as “the astronaut,” another human figure, a spider, a hummingbird, a pair of hands, and a tree are among the Nazca lines that make up these unique forms.

Other Nazca art, such as ceramics, also show similar symbols and artwork. It is more likely that these symbols have a deeper significance connected to the society as a whole, referring to myths and traditions passed down through the ages via word of mouth. These symbols are supposed to be at the core of sacred and spiritual ceremonies, which makes a lot more sense for societies at the time – as the Nazca society revolved on death, wild creatures and jungles.

Getting to the Nazca Lines

Option 1 

Nazca is a must when visiting Peru, the city of Nazca can be accessed from the city of Lima. The journey to and from Lima to Nazca generally takes two to three days, including an eight-hour bus ride each way.

The city of Nazca is small, however has lovely hotels for you to stay in before seeing the ruins and lines themselves. While in the city you can also visit the the Maria Reiche Observatory, Chauchilla cemetery and the Nazca aqueducts. 

The Nazca Lines can be seen in a 30 minute overflight – hummingbirds, lizards, spiders, monkeys, and other renowned figures can be seen in the desert terrain as you fly overhead. The ideal time to fly is early in the morning, when there is less air turbulence. 

After the flight or if you prefer not to fly, you can see the Nazca Lines in close proximity on the Nazca Lines Mirador on the Pan-Americana highway. The Mirador has a view of a few of the Lines. You’ll get spectacular sights if you go right before sunset.


Option 2

You may also transfer from Lima to Ica, which is a considerably shorter bus journey than Lima-Nazca. 

Then you may fly above the Nazca Lines from Ica. Transferring to Ica also gives you the opportunity to see the neighbouring Ballestas Islands, Paracas National Reserve, and Huacachina desert oasis.

Combine the Nazca Lines with a trip of Machu Picchu, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, and other Peruvian wonders! 


What do you think of the Nazca Lines?

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