HAPPY NEW YEAR! There is to a year of more travels, adventures and memories.

Of course, travelling whilst coronavirus is around does add additional travel costs, however, we have put together a list of tips to help you travel often during 2022. 

Buy flights during sales

Many airlines sell flights as cheap as £5 during sales on Boxing Day, Cyber Friday etc – so if you are looking to travel wait until these periods to save money and find the best deals.

Be open to exploring different countries

Using the ‘Anywhere’ feature on Skyscanner will show you where the cheapest places are to travel during certain dates or months. This often shows you places that are not necessarily popular or may not even be on your bucket list but are cheap! Why not take a £5 flight to Riga? We would recommend googling things to do in the destination to see if it is somewhere you want to go.

Book hotels further away from the city centre

The further you book your hotel from the city centre, the cheaper the hotel. When doing this, ensure the hotel you pick does have good transport links. 

Pre-book activities

Prior to your holiday, try pre-booking activities ahead of time as this will help you get online discounts but also help you keep tracking of your spending. Moreover, you will need less spending more as most of your activities will already be booked. 

Have money saved for PCR/Antigen tests prior to your trip

We would suggest having saved a minimum of £150 in case the rules change, and you need to take a PCR/Antigen test. These tests cost around £50 each, therefore £150 covers the cost of taking a PCR test before travelling, returning to the UK and the 2-day PCR test. You may not need to take any tests, however having this money saved helps avoid any unexpected costs. 

Utilise weekends

Especially when visiting places in Europe, utilise your weekends – this helps reduce the amount of time you must take off work but also allows you to explore the destination’s nightlife (if this is of interest to you) 

Evening flights 

Again, another tip to reduce the amount of time you take off work is to take evening flights as it allows you to travel after work.  Whilst you will arrive last in the evening, it means the other days are full of exploring 

Utilise bank holidays/travel during off peak 

Book holidays over bank holidays, this will allow you to talk less time off work. Also, travelling during off peak times (when children are in school) will help you found cheaper holidays.

Reduce outings

Minimising the number of outings to restaurants, cinema etc will leave more money to book holidays, hotels and spending money. Look at doing free things or try sticking to a budget.

Buy less clothes/shoes

Buying less clothes and shoes again will leave more money to book holidays, hotels and spending money. Also, buying less but more better-quality clothes which can be used to create more outfits is also beneficial. Therefore, you do not need to do a big clothes shop before your holiday as you already have outfits! 

Go to local restaurants while travelling

Local restaurants often have cheaper prices and much tastier food! 

‘Skip’ breakfast and lunch at restaurants 

Of course you cannot skip these meals, but can you buy breakfast in local markets or supermarkets which end up being cheaper than sitting down in a restaurant

What tips do you have for travelling often? All these tips will allow you to save money and travel often. 

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  1. Great advice guys xxx


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